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25 Aug 2013

Contoh Soal Short Functional Text Announcement dan Kunci Jawaban

Contoh Soal Short Functional Text Announcement dan Kunci Jawaban 

Soal UN SMP/MTS 2013

Read the text to answer questions 1 and 2.

Scout Association of SMP N 1 Taruma Jaya
To: All members

In order to celebrate our Independence Day, we are going to go camping at Pangrango Mountain from 14 to 16 August 2011.
The contribution is Rp. 50. 000. Those who want to join the activity please contact Mr. Gunawan.
Registration will be opened starting from 5th August 2011.
For further information, please contact the committee.
Chair person

1.  The camping will start on...
A.  5 August 2011
B.  14 August 2011
C.  15 August 2011
D.  16 August 2011

2. Whom should you meet to register for the program?
A.  The chair person.
B.  The committee
C.  Mr. Gunawan 
D.  Nanda 

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