Contoh Expressing Like and Dislike + Soal

Julia     : Hi Nancy. How are you?
Nancy  : Fine, thanks. How was your Sunday morning?
Julia     : I spent my Sunday morning cooking with my husband.
Nancy   : So you like cooking together? That's great.
Julia      : What about your Sunday, then?
Nancy  : Well, I love my children very much so I spend Sundays with them.
Julia     : Oh great. I'm happy to hear that. I love my children  too. But they enjoy spending their Sundays at their grandparent's house.
Nancy   : My children hate travelling. They don't like going to their grandparent's house because they have to spend 2 hours on the bus to get there.
Julia     : All right, Nancy. Nice to bump into you. See you.
Nancy  : Nice to see you too. See you later.

Answer the questions based on the dialogue above.
  1. What did Julia do on Sunday morning?
    a. She spent her Sunday cooking with her husband.
    b. She spent her Sunday morning at home.
    c. She spent her Sunday morning visiting her mother.
    d. She spent her Sunday morning with her children.
  2. how does Nancy spend her Sunday mornings?
    a. She cooks special food.
    b. She spend s her Sunday mornings with her children.
    c. She travels everywhere.
    d. She goes to her mother's house.
  3. The word 'them' in line 7 refers to?
    a. Julia and her husband.
    b. Julia and her children
    c. Nancy and her children
    d. Nancy's children
  4. Why don't Nancy's children like to spend their Sunday at their grandparent's house?
    a. The hate travelling.
    b. They have to spend 2 hours on the bus to get there.
    c. they enjoy spending their time at home.
    d. they like cooking at home

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