2 Sep 2012

Contoh Teks Report : Whales

Whales are sea-living mammals. They therefore breath air but cannot survive on the land. Some species are very large indeed and the blue whale, which can exceed 30m in length, is the largest animal to have lived on the earth. Superficially, the whale looks rather like a fish, but there are important differences in its external structure: its tail consist of a pair of broad, flat, horizontal paddles (the tail of e fish its vertical) and it has a single nostril on the top of its large, broad head. The skin is smooth and shinny and beneath it lays a layer of flat (blubber). This is up to 30cm in thickness and serves to converse heat and body fluids.

1. What type of text is used by the writer?
A. narrative
B. spoof
C. recount
D. news items
E. anecdote

2. The communicative purpose of the text is….
A. To retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining.
B. To explain a certain phenomena about a particular animal.
C. To retell what happened to the man and the penguin.
D. To share an entertaining story.
E. To describe extinct animal.

3. The organization of the text above is….
A. Orientation, event, event, twist
B. Orientation, evaluation, interpretative recount, evaluation, summation C. General statement, explanation, explanation, explanation
D. Thesis, argument, argument recommendation
E. Orientation, event, event, event

4. To tell factual information, the writer uses ....
A. passive voice
B. direct speech
C. reported speech
D. simple past tense
E. simple present tense

Kunci jawaban: 
  1. B
  2. C
  3. D
  4. E

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