Contoh Penggunaan Pronoun dalam Paragraf

Mr. Rifqy visited friends in Barru, South Sulawesi. He visited Mr. And Mrs. Imam. They invited him to their home for dinner. He gave some seashells to the Imam children. They asked him many question about it, especially about a large black one. The shells fascinated them. They looked at it for a long time. The Imams served dinner at 8:00. After dinner the children listened to some stories for a while and then they went to bed. When the children had gone to to bed, the Imams took Mr. Rifqy into the den and showed him some recent photographs. They talked about old times and old friends. The Imams asked Mr. Rifqy about his family. They all discussed a great many subjects. Finally, they made vacation plans for the two families. All of them planned to meet in June at Monas (National Monument). At midnight, Mr. Rifqy said good
night to them and left. “Thank you for a delightful evening,” he said. “You should come to see us more often,” said Mrs. Imam. “We are always delighted to see you.” Mr. Rifqy went back to Makassar, he told his wife about his visit with the Imams. She enjoyed hearing the news about his friends and asked many question about their house, their activities, and their children. Then they discussed the vacation plans. Mr. Rifqy told her about his conversation with the Imams on this subject. She liked his plans. Soon they will all pack their bags for Monas (National Monument).

1) Seashells: kerang
2) Fascinated: membuat kagum
3) The Imams: Mr. and Mrs. Imam
4) Took into: mengajak ke
5) Den: ruangan/kamar kecil
6) Delightful: yang sangat menyenangkan
7) Delighted: sangat senang
8) Pack their bags: Mengisi tas mereka (dengan perlengkapan untuk vacation/liburan)

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