“Jika anak Adam meninggal, maka amalnya terputus kecuali dari tiga perkara, sedekah jariyah (wakaf), ilmu yang bermanfaat, dan anak shaleh yang berdoa kepadanya.” (HR Muslim).

Narrative Text : Prince William + Jawaban

Narrative Text 

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Prince William. Prince William was bored so he decided to take a walk through the Magical Forrest. The Magical Forrest was a special place where all the trees and leaves talked. Prince William had enjoyed many afternoons laughing and talking with the leaves. Today was no different; as soon as he entered the Forrest he was sucked into a joke.

"Knock, knock!"
"Who's there?"
"Leaf who?"
"Leaf me alone I'm treeing to sleep!"

Prince William joined in with the laughing leaves but off in the distance he heard a whisper. He left the pile of laughing leaves and followed the whisper through the woods. He ran into a tree that had something important to say. The tree was old and hard to understand but the old tree told Prince William that King Daddy was missing.

Prince William was so worried about King Daddy that he immediately left the old tree and forgot all about the laughing leaves. He started looking everywhere he could think for King Daddy but had no luck. Soon enough Prince William had run into another little boy, it was Prince Riley. The two princes' were brothers so Prince William told Prince Riley all about how Kind Daddy was missing. Just like Prince William, Prince Riley was just as concerned and he left the tree he was climbing to help.

The two prince's looked everywhere for king Daddy. They looked high; all the way up in the trees’ branches. They looked low, way low in the grass and dirt. They looked in things like holes and the water in the pond. They looked everywhere they could think and they were getting exhausted. Prince William had come up with a brilliant plan to go back and ask the old tree if he had any other information.

The two Princes wasted no time and raced off to find the old tree. Dodging branches and jumping rocks they managed to find the old tree in no time at all. Out of breath, both Prince William and Prince Riley tried to explain to the tree that they needed help. While the tree was old he was very wise and knew what the boys wanted. The tree waved his branches starting a breeze to cool the two prince's down. Once the two were calm the old tree started to tell the story of how he knew King Daddy was missing.

"Early this morning I saw King Daddy walking through the leaf piles talking with all the leaves. I heard one of the leaves give King Daddy a riddle about the magical cabin at the end of the Forrest. The Magical cabin is full of silly tying rope."

So as the old tree finished his story the boys calmly thanked the old tree and raced to the end of the Forrest. Just like the old tree said they found the magical cabin. Inside the magical cabin they found King Daddy tied up with rope on the floor. The Two princes' did not hesitate; they pulled out their swords, cut the ropes, and saved the day!
 (Written by Ms. Angel, helium.com)

Whisper (n)
Missing (adj)
Immediately (adv)
Dengan segera
Forgot (v)
Lupa, meninggalkan
Luck (n)
Concerned (adj)
Branche (n)
Wasted (v)
Exhausted (adj)
Dodging (v)
Tying (adj)
Yang mengikat
Riddle (n)
Hesitate (v)

1. Where did the story take place?
Answer key: the story took place in the Magical Forrest
2. According to text, how different was the Magical Forest from other forests?
Answer key: The Magical Forrest was a special place where all the trees and leaves talked.
3. How did the Prince William know that the King Daddy was missing?
Answer key: the Prince knew about that when the old tree told him.
4. How did the Prince Riley feel when he knew that the King Daddy was missing?
Answer key: he was told by Prince William.
5. What was the bright plan Prince William got before finding King Daddy?
Answer key: Prince William’s idea was to find information more about the accident.
6. What probably happened if the two Princesses could not find King Daddy at the right time? 
Answer Key: what probably happened is that the King Daddy would have been dead.
7. What is the text about? 
Answer key: the two Princes and their missing King Dad.
8. ‘Soon enough Prince William had run into another little boy, it was Prince Riley.’
The writer uses it (in line 16) to mean ….
Answer key: the writer uses it (in line 16) to mean ‘little boy’ Prince William.
9. The two Princes wasted no time and raced off to find the old tree.
The word ‘wasted’ in line 7 could best be replaced by....
Answer key: the word ‘wasted’ could be replaced by the word ‘spent.’
10. The Two princes' did not hesitate ….
What is the meaning of ‘hesitate’?
Answer key: the word ‘hesitate’ means ‘not sure.’

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