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Contoh Soal Teks Analytical Exposition

House Husband’s Heart Risk

Most people assume that life in the rat race is bad for your health. But reversing the traditional gender roles, being a house husband is a stressful business, according to the latest research by American scientist. By giving up their jobs in order to become house husbands, men increase their risk of heart attack or coronary disease by as much as 82%, according to research based on 10 year study of 2,500 people in Boston, USA.

Accoding to Dr. Elaine Eaker, the key to the problem is that some men became stressed about performing a role not traditionally assigm to them by society. Men who stays at home tend not to have the same levels of support from friends and family as women do the same.

Jack O’Sullivan, of the Father’s Direct, was quoted as saying: “Society expects the main career should be a woman and society is structured around that. Day care is called mother and toddler groups and some men feel awkward about belonging to those groups.

Professor Gary Cooper, a psychologist at the University of Manchester, said many men tend to underestimate the task of caring for a family. He said “Most men think being a house husband involves putting on a bit of washing, taking the kids to school and then putting their feet up with a cup of coffee.

They are crazy. Most men are not used to performing a variety of activities simultanously – the kind of multi-tasking which is second nature to most women.

It is estimated that men have taken over the main homemaker’s role in one in seven homes, as increasing numbers of women become the main breadwinner. The study also found that women in high-powered jobs were more likely to develop heart disease than those in more junior positions.

1.      The main idea of the first paragraph is…
a.       People living in the rat race tend to have heart attacks.
b.      The research on house-husbands health involved 2,500 people.
c.       Scientists did some research on the people’s health living in Boston.
d.      House-husbands have understandable reasons why they gave up their jobs.
e.       The result of the research showed that house-husbands tend to have heart attacks.

2.      “some men became stressed about performing a role not traditionally assigm to them by society.” (paragraph 2)
The statement above is the result of research done by…
a.       A psychologist
b.      Jack O’Sullivan
c.       Dr Elaine Eaker
d.      An American scientist

3.      Professor Gary Cooper the purpose of the text is…
a.       To describe what a house husband is.
b.      To persuade readers not to become a house husband.
c.       To report the result of a research carried on by Dr Elaine Eaker.
d.      To explain to readers why house husbands are subjects to heart attack.
e.       To inform readers that 82% of house husbands suffer from heart attack.

4.      Some house husbands become stressed because…
a.       They are jobless
b.      They earn less than their wives.
c.       Most people do not respect them.
d.      They do not join the daycare groups.
e.      They are not used to doing house keeping.
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin
Muhammad Ahkam Arifin Muhammad Ahkam Arifin is a Fulbright PhD student at Washington State University, US. He earned a master`s degree in TESOL from the University of Edinburgh & Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne.

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