“Jika seseorang meninggal dunia, maka terputuslah amalannya kecuali tiga perkara yaitu: sedekah jariyah, ilmu yang dimanfaatkan, atau do’a anak yang sholeh” (HR. Muslim no. 1631) Barangsiapa yang menunjukkan kepada kebaikan, maka ia (orang yang menunjukkannya) akan mendapat pahala seperti orang yang melakukannya. [HR Muslim, 3509

01 June 2013

Contoh Short Functional Text Advertisement + Jawaban -Soap

Contoh Short Functional Text Advertisement + Jawaban -Soap

Read the following text and answer the questions 1 and 3

Hands2Go is a natural alcohol-free instant hand sanitizer. Its unique, non-greasy formula kills 99.99% of known bacteria instantly! It is formulated with a moisturizing blend of aloe vera, charmomile, and lavender extracts. Hands2G's gentle foaming formula supplies twice as many applications as alcohol-based gels. Available in bottles and wall dispensers Guaranteed not to dry skin – pure and gentle enough for frequent cleansing when soap and water are not available

1.  The text tells you about ….
A.  health product promotion.
B.  how to clean bacteria.
C.  instant body sanitizer.
D.  foaming formula.

2.  What is the name of the product?
A.  Hands2GO.
B.  Antibacterial.
C.  Water journey.
D.  Antiseptic soap.

3.  Why is the formula of the product unique?
A.  It supplies twice as many applications as alcohol-based gels.
B.  It blends with aloe vera, chamomile, and lavender extract.
C.  It is available in bottles and walls dispensers for your wish.
D.  It kills bacteria instantly whenever you use it.

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