30 Dec 2012

Contoh Expressing Pride + Soal

Read and practice the dialogue with your partner

Stan               : Good morning Catherine. What are you doing?
Catherine      :  Morning Stan. I'm cleaning up our classroom.
San                :  Wow, you're so diligent. I'm proud of you.
Catherine      : Thanks. But i think it's every one ' responsibility to take care of our environment.
Stan              :  Sure, but unfortunately a lot of people do not realize it.
Catherine      : Therefore, many people still throw away their trash every where, on the street, at the bus station or train station.
Stan              : Yes, thus I feel proud of every one who can be bothered to throw their trash away They are very disciplined and help to keep the environment clean.
Catherine      : Okay, but would you stop talking now and help me clean the classroom, please

Answer the following questions based on the dialogue.

  1.  What is Catherine doing?
  2. Why does Stan feel proud of Catherine?
  3. Who should take responsibility for taking care of the environment?
  4. Why do people throw away their waste on the street, the bus station or in the train station?
  5. Who makes Stan feel proud about keeping the environment clean?
  6. Expressions of pride are shown in which sentences?
  7. Write a dialogue to express your pride about someone or something around you!
Sumber: Progress for Senior High School Year 1

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