Contoh Recount Text beserta Soal dan Jawaban - Picasso

Contoh Recount Text beserta Soal dan Jawaban - Picasso

Contoh recount text bersumber dari soal UN 2014. 

The text below is for questions 1 to 3.
Picasso was one of the most outstanding and important artists of the 1900’s. He is best known for his paintings. Almost every style in modern art is represented in Picasso's works.

Picasso was born in 1881 in Malaga, Spain as the son of an art teacher. He studied painting from his father and his college level course of study at the academy of arts in Madrid.

From about 1895 to 1901, he painted realistic works in a traditional style. He, then, entered what was called the Blue Period. During this time, he only used shades of blue in his paintings to show the poverty he saw in Barcelona.

After 1908, he entered into the style of cubism. Among his well-known cubist paintings are “Three Musicians” and “Man with a Guitar”.

Picasso died in Moughins, France in 1973. He was really great artist.

1. Why did Picasso become so popular? because ....
A. he was the most outstanding artist of the 1990’s.
B. he was known for his great paintings. 
C. he painted in traditional style.
D. he was son of an art teacher.
E. he studied in art school.

2. According to text, Picasso ....
A. died in Spain 1973.
B. was born in Malaga, Italy.
C. was famous for his painting style.
D. had a father who worked as an art teacher.
E. finished his study at the academy of Arts in Madrid.

3. What can be inferred from the text?
A. Picasso’s father was not good at art.
B. Picasso passed away at the age of 92.
C. Picasso was unpopular artist of 1990’s.
D. Blue Period shows the prosperity in Barcelona.
E. For 8 years, Picasso painted realistic works in a traditional style.

Untuk jawaban no.2, admin merasa kurang yakin.
Untuk pilihan D, bisa dibenarkan berdasarkan informasi dari kalimat: ".... Spain as the son of an art teacher. He studied painting from his father ....".
Untuk pilihan E bisa pula dibenarkan: "He studied painting from ... his college level course of study at the academy of arts in Madrid."

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