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10 Mar 2014

Free Download Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching by Richards-Rodgers (First Edition)

Free Download Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching by Richards-Rodgers (Updated)

Free Download Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching by Richards-Rodgers
Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

Review by Google Books

This second edition is an extensive revision of this successful text. Like the first edition, it surveys the major approaches and methods in language teaching, such as grammar translation, audiolingualism, communicative language teaching, and the natural approach. The text examines each approach and method in terms of its theory of language and language learning, goals, syllabus, teaching activities, teacher and learner roles, materials, and classroom techniques. The second edition includes new chapters on topics such as whole language, multiple intelligences, neurolinguistic programming, competency-based language teaching, cooperative language learning, content-based instruction, task-based language teaching, and the Post-Methods Era. Teachers and teachers-in-training will enjoy reading this comprehensive survey and analysis of the major and minor teaching methods used around the world. The book seeks not only to clarify the assumptions behind these methods and their similarities and differences, but also to help teachers explore their own beliefs and practices in language teaching.

Bibliographic information

Title Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching 
Authors Jack C. Richards, Theodore S. Rodgers 
Edition reprint, revised 
Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2001 
ISBN 0521008433, 9780521008433 
Length 270 pages

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