4 Sep 2013

Contoh Kalimat Isian Recount Text Soal dan Jawaban (Hippos)

Contoh Kalimat Isian Recount Text Soal dan Jawaban (Hippos)

For questions 43 to 45 choose the best words to complete the text.


River hippos live half their lives in water. They … (43 ) and let the water carry their great weight. They … (44) sink completely below the surface, however. Instead, they paddle around with the tops of their heads sticking out of the water. A river hippo‟s eyes, ears, and nose are all at the top of its head. It can breathe and see what‟s going on even while most of its body is below water.

If it has to, a river hippopotamus can go underwater and hold its breath for as much as half an hour. River hippos can swim underwater, or walk on the river bottom. Pygmy hippos can swim, too, but they spend … (45) time in the water. They stay mostly on the riverbanks.

43. A. dive
B. sink
C. drown
D. float 

44. A. usually
B. rarely 
C. always
D. often

45. A. less 
B. more
C. longer
D. further

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