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24 Jun 2013

Contoh Spoof Text A Young Lady beserta soal, pertanyaan

Spoof Text
A Young Lady

A pretty, well-dressed young lady stopped a taxi in a big square, and said to the driver, 'Do you see that young man at the other side of this square?'

'Yes,' said the taxi -driver. The young man was standing outside a restaurant and looking impatiently at his watch every few seconds.

'Take me over there,' said the young lady.

There were a lot of cars and buses and trucks in the square, so the taxi-driver asked, 'Are you afraid to cross the street?'

'Oh, no' said the young lady. 'But I have been forty five minutes late. I said that I would meet that young man for lunch at one o'clock, and it is now a quarter to two. If I arrive in a taxi, it will seem as if I have tried not to be too late.
Taken from: L.A. HILL. 1979. Hong Kong: Oxford University Press

Difficult words:
-  well-dressed  = berpakaian rapi
-  square  = alun-alun
-  other side  = sisi lain
-  impatiently  = dengan tidak sabar
-  afraid  = takut
-  arrive  = tiba
-  as if  = seolah-olah

A.  Circle T if the statement is True and F if it is False.
  T    F 1.  A pretty, well-dressed young lady stopped a taxi in a big square.
  T    F 2.  The young lady was standing outside a restaurant looking impatiently.
  T    F 3.  There were a lot of cars and buses and trucks in the square.
  T    F 4.  The young lady was afraid to cross the street.
  T    F 5.  The young lady was an hour late to meet the young man.

B.  Answer the following questions based on the text above.
1.  How was the lady in this story?
2.  Where did she go to?
3.  Whom did she want to meet?
4.  Where was this person?
5.  How long had the man been waiting for the lady?
6.   What did she meet the man for?
7.  What time should the lady meet the young man?
8.   Why did she want to arrive in a taxi?

Questions by Nifatul Aula, an English teacher of vocational high school in Bondowoso, Indonesia.

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