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24 May 2013

Skripsi: Improving Students’ Vocabulary through Vocabulary Card (A Classroom Action Research)

Improving Students’ Vocabulary through Vocabulary Card (A Classroom Action Research)
Skripsi Vocabulary Classroom Action Research

Key words: Vocabulary, Vocabulary Card 

The objective of the research is to improve students’ vocabulary. This research was conducted at MTs. Nurul Falah Ciputat Tangerang academic year 2010-2011 as the subject of the research. The subjects of this research were consisted of 30 students’ of first grade. 

The method used in this study was Classroom Action Research (CAR). The classroom action research design applied in this study was a collaborative classroom action research means that the researcher worked collaboratively with the English teacher in the class. The CAR(classroom action research) was done based on Kemmis and Mc Taggarts’ design, it content of two cycles in each cycle consists of planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. The data were gathered through qualitative and quantitative data. The qualitative data were gained by analyzing the interview and observation result. Then, quantitative data were obtained from the students’ vocabulary score of pretest and posttest and questionnaire. 

Based on the result of this research showed that there was a development on the students’ vocabulary mastery, it can be seen from the mean score of pretest were 49.6, the mean score of posttest cycle 1 was 58.0 and the mean score of posttest cycle 2 was 66.3. In addition, there were 5 students (16.6 %) who passed Minimum Mastery Criterion – Kriteria Ketuntasan Minimal (KKM) in the pre test. Meanwhile, in the cycle 1, there were 18 students (60 %) who passed Minimum Mastery Criterion (KKM) and it gained which was in the posttest cycle 2 there were 26 students (86.6%) who passed Minimum Mastery Criterion, so the criteria of success was achieved. Then, from the result of questionnaire, it showed that there was improvement of positive responses in the teaching-learning process of vocabulary through vocabulary card. The mean of pre questionnaire was 47 %. Then, the mean of post questionnaire was 72.9 %. It improved 25. 9 %. Furthermore, the results of observation and interview showed that the students were motivated in the teaching-learning process during the implementation of vocabulary card.

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