Skripsi: Applying contextual teaching and learning in mastering the present continuous tense (A classroom action research)

Applying Contextual Teaching and Learning in Mastering the Present Continuous Tense 
(A Classroom Action Research)

This study is aimed at knowing whether students ability in using the present Continuous tense could be improved through Contextual Teaching and Learning and describing the implementation of Contextual Teaching and Learning in teaching the presenr continuous tense at first grade of MTs Khazanah Kebajikan Pamulang. This study is related to the result of a preliminary study show that the students were still lack of grammatical pattern understanding; especially on present continuous tense.

This study used classroom action research (CAR) conducted to solve the students‟ problem in understanding and using the present continuous tense. The CAR was done based on Kurt Lewin‟s design, in which it was conducted into two cycles. The subjects of this study were students of class VII-B of MTs Khazanah Kebajukan Pamulang. The techniques used in collecting the data are observations, interview, questionnaires, and test.

The finding of this study indicated that the implementation of Contextual Teaching and learning was successful since the criteria of success were achieved. The first criterion was 75% of students could pass the assessment score > 65 based on the KKM. The finding showed that 79.31 % of students had already achieved the target score. Besides, the second criterion was the students who become more active involved in learning process. The result of observation and interview showed that students were active involved in the classroom. Based on the finding mentioned before, the writer suggests that the English teacher could implement the approach of Contextual teaching and learning in order to motivate students in mastering present continuous tense.

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