Report Text+Jawaban: Blue Whale

Blue Whale

The largest animal alive is the blue whale. Fully grown , these great creatures reach length of over 30 meters and weigh as much as twenty four large elephants, or more than 1,500 men. The heart of a blue whale is more than a meter in diameter.

The blue whale is not a fish, even though it depends its entire life in the sea. Whales are mammals, just like us. A mother whale gives birth to a live baby whale, not an egg. She feeds her baby with her own milk. While fish are clod-blooded, whales are warm-blooded, and the have lungs and breathe air, like us.

For all its size, a blue whale feeds mainly on tiny shrimps. It is harmless to man. Unfortunately for the blue whales, men are not harmless to them. So many blue whales are hunted and killed that very few of these magnificent animals are now left alive.

1. What is the text about?
A. Fish
B. Blue whale 
C. Shrimps
D. mammals

2. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
A. The blue whale is not a fish 
B. The largest animal is the blue whale
C. The blue whale feeds mainly on tiny shrimps
D. The blue whale feeds her baby with her own milk

3. Which statement below is true according to the passage?
A. Whale eats every sea creature
B. Whale breaks by laying egg
C. Whale is a huge animal 
D. Whale is a kind of fish

4. "For all its size, a blue whale feeds mainly on tiny shrimps.
" What does the word "tiny" mean in the sentence?
A. Huge
B. Small
C. Very big
D. Very small

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