2 Dec 2012

Narrative Text dan kunci jawaban (Batara Guru Sahala)

Once, a fisherman named Batara Guru Sahala lived in the Batak Land. One day, he caught a fish. He was surprised to find that the fish could talk. It begged Sahala to set it free. He did accordingly.

As soon as the fish was free, it changed into a woman. She was so beautiful that Sahala fell in love at once. He asked her to marry him. The woman agreed to marry Sahala. However, she told him that he must never let out the secret that she was once a fish. Sahala promised that he would not tell anyone about it.

They were happily married and had two daughters. Every morning Sahala went out fishing. One day, his daughters brought him his lunch. However, instead of bringing the food to their father, the two girls ate it. When Sahala knew what they had done with the meal, he got very angry. He shouted at them saying, "You behaved exactly like the daughters of the fish!”

They did not know what their father meant. They went home and asked their mother about it. Their mother was very upset. Although Sahala apologized to her, she would not forgive him for breaking his promise.

Then the earth began to shake, and the volcano started to erupt. The earth cracked and formed a big hole. It is said that the hole became the Toba Lake.
(UN SMP 2011)

1.      What was Batara Guru Sahala?
A. A sailor.
B. A tailor.
C. A farmer.
D. A fisherman.

2.      What is the story about?
A. How the volcano erupted.
B. How a fisherman caught a fish.
C. How the lake Toba was created.
D. How the fish changed into a beautiful girl.

3.      From the text we can learn that ....
A. Never keep a secret
B. Don't break your promise
C. Never angry to your children
D. Don't eat your father's lunch

1 .SOAL: Apa pekerjaan Batara Guru Sahala?
PEMBAHASAN: Jawaban jelas, di awal paragraph 1: a fisherman named Batara Guru Sahala… (seorang pencari ikan yang bernama Batara Guru Sahala…)
JAWAB: D. Seorang pencari ikan.

2.SOAL: Cerita tersebut tentang apa?
PEMBAHASAN: Isi teks menceritakan tentang asal-mula terjadinya Danau Toba.
JAWAB: C. Bagaimana cara Danau Toba tercipta/terbentuk.

3.SOAL: Dari teks kita bisa menarik pelajaran (mengambil hikmah) bahwa ….
PEMBAHASAN: Pertanyaan menanyakan nilai moral. Berdasarkan isi cerita, Batara Guru Sahala diminta untuk merahasiakan asal-usul istrinya yang berasal dari ikan.
Tetapi ketika Batara Guru Sahala sedang marah pada anak-anaknya, rahasia itu akhirnya terbongkar. Batara Guru Sahala meneriaki mereka:“You behaved exactly like the daughters of the fish!” (Paragraph 3): “Kamu bertingkah laku persis seperti anak-anak ikan!” Akhirnya si Ibu marah dan mengakibatkan bumi pun berguncang, gunung meletus, tanah retak membentuk lubang besar yang kemudian dikenal sebagai Danau Toba.
Jadi nilai moral isi cerita tersebut yaitu janganlah kita mengingkari/melanggar janji yang telah kita buat sendiri.
JAWAB: B. Jangan melanggar/mengingkari janjimu.

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