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16 Oct 2012

Contoh Teks Spoof beserta soal dan jawaban

Last week I took my five-year old son, Willy, to a musical instrument store in my hometown. I wanted to buy him a set of junior drum because his drum teacher advised me to buy him one. Willy likes listening to music very much. He also likes asking me everything he wants to know. Even his questions sometimes seem precocious for a boy of his age. He is very inquisitive.

We went there by car. On the way, we saw a policeman standing near a traffic light regulating the passing cars and other vehicles. He blew his whistle now and then.

Seeing the policeman blowing his whistle, Willy asked me at once, "Dad, why is the policeman using a whistle, not a drum?"

Hearing his unexpected question I answered reluctantly, "Because he is not Phil Collins!"

1.  What does the text talk about........
A.   Willy and his new drum.
B.     Phil Collins and his drum.
C.     A policeman and his whistle.
D.     Willy's drum private teacher.
E.     The writer's five-year old son.
2. From the text above we know that Willy is a/n........ boy.
A.   smart
B.    funny
C.    stupid
D.    childish
E.    annoying
3. Which sentence makes the text a funny story ........
A.      He is very inquisitive.
B.      "Because he is not Phil Collins".
C.      He blew his whistle now and then.
D.      He also likes asking me everything he wants to know.
E.       "Dad, why is the policeman using a whistle not a drum?"

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