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03 November 2012

Expressions of Compliment in English

Study the following situations along with the expressions for compliment. 

1) You friend is wearing a new suit.
Expressions for compliment examples:
  • Nice suit!
  • Pretty spiffy! What's the occasion?
  • You look nice.
  • I love your suit - is it new?___ 

2) Your friend has had a new hairdo.
Expressions for compliment examples:
  • I like your hair.
  • That length looks good on you.
  • You've had your hair done! Looks good! 
  • You've had your hair done. It looks great

3) You are visiting your friend’s house / flat for the first time.
Expressions for compliment examples:
  • You have a very nice place here.
  • Wow! You did a great job decorating your house!
  • I really like your house/flat
  • What a beautiful house! 
4) Your friend has played the piano for you.
Expressions for compliment examples:
  • That was wonderful.
  • That was fantastic. You must have studied music for a long time.
  • That was brilliant. You're so clever.
  • That was fantastic - you're so talented!

5) Your friend has made an interesting public talk.
Expressions for compliment examples:
  • That was very interesting, and you did it very well.
  • I didn't realize you knew so much about lasers! That was great!
  • That was so interesting, well done!
  • Well done - you did really well.

6) Your friend has helped you to solve a complicated problem (has repaired your car/bike)
Expressions for compliment examples:
  • That was a big help. Thank you.
  • I can't believe it! I wouldn't have known where to start, and you just acted like it was nothing!
  • I'm so glad you were here. Thanks for helping
  • Thank you so much - I really appreciate it. You're a star! 
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