19 Sep 2012

Contoh Teks Advertisement SMP beserta kunci jawaban

1.         What is the type of the text?
A.        An advertisement
B.        An announcement
C.        A notice
D.        A letter

2.         Lake Hotel has the following facilities, except ........
A.        children playground
B.        tennis court
C.        billiards
D.        sauna

3.         Which is NOT TRUE according to the text above?
A.        Lake Hotel has function and conference rooms.
B.        People can have Chinese food at Palm Hotel
C.        Both hotels are located in Medan.
D.        Lake Hotel is very far from Lake Toba

4.         "We're waiting for you" (see Lake Hotel)
The word you in the sentences refers to ........
A.        the writers
B.        the readers
C.        the visitors
D.        the owners

Kunci Jawaban:
  1. A. An advertisement
    Ke dua teks di atas berbentuk iklan (advertisement).
  2. D. sauna
    Fasilitas s'auna' dimilik oleh Palm Hotel dan tidak dimiliki oleh Lake Hotel.
  3. D. Lake Hotel is very far from Lake Toba
    Pilihan A, B (Chinese cuisine), dan C semuanya benar berdasarkan teks. Jadi lokasi Lake hotel -1 jam dari Lake Toba- tidk dianggap sangat jauh (very far).
  4. C. the visitors (pengunjung)
    Iklan di atas ditujukan kepada konsumen. Konsumen yang akan berkunjung ke Lake Toba.

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