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13 Jul 2013

Skripsi tentang Teks Analytical Exposition (Classroom Action Research)

Skripsi tentang Teks Analytical Exposition (Classroom Action Research)

Sesuai dengan permintaan saudaraQ Ina Sakinah maka kami postingkan Skripsi tentang Teks Analytical Exposition (Classroom Action Research) yang judul lengkapnya Using Mind Mapping to Improve the Students’ Ability in Writing Analitycal Exposition Text.

Research Design/Method yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini yaitu Classroom Action Research (PTK) dan Research Instrument dalam mengumpulkan data menggunakan observation sheets and field note.

Abstract This research was conducted at SMAN 10 Pekanbaru. The participants were the second year students, particularly XI Science 4 that consisted of 40 students. There were two objectives on this research that the writer would like to obtain. The first one was to find out the students’ ability in writing analytical exposition text after being taught by mind mapping technique. The second objective was to find out the factors cause the improvement of the students’ writing ability on writing analytical exposition text. In addition, there were two cycles in this research and the writer used written test to see the improvement of the student’ writing ability on each cycle. Besides, the writer asked the collaborator to observe the process of the teaching and learning process by using the observation sheets and field note prepared by the writer. This research started on January, 5 2013 and ended on January 19, 2012. After accomplishing this research, the writer concludes that the use of mind mapping technique in writing analytical exposition text can improve the students’ writing ability. It was clearly proven by the improvement in average score of the student from 46,36 (Pre-test) up to 60,33 (Post – test 1), then up to 81,58 (post-test 2). Moreover, based on the qualitative data that collected by the observer, the writer concludes that the use of mind mapping technique could improve the students’ behaviour in learning especially in writing skill. They are more active and have a great motivation during the process of teaching and learning since they are free to explore their idea into a simple schema before composing an analytical exposition. In addition, the use of media during the process of learning could engage students’ motivation in doing writing tasks.
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