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4 Jun 2013

Skripsi: Using contextual teaching learning teaching present tense (pre-experimental method)

Skripsi: Using contextual teaching learning teaching present tense
Title: Using Contextual Teaching Learning Techniques in Teaching the Simple Present Tense

In this chapter, the writer would like to discuss conclusion and suggestion, however writer tries to give the summary. The writer conducted the research with pre-experimental method about CTL in teaching the simple present tense. The research was conducted in Mts. Al-Husna Lebak Bulus with the sample 27 students. In chapter IV the writer has to find out t-observation but before it the writer has to know MD and SEMD. MD in this research is -12.22 and SEMD is 2.89 then from the to formula the to result is 4.22. by using t-table at degree of significance 5% the result is 2.06 and at degree of significance 1% the result is 2.06, it means to (t-observation) is bigger than t-table, it means using CTL in teaching the Simple Present Tense is adequate success. A. Conclusion From the data result the writer conclude that the contextual teaching learning approach can improve the students’ score on the Simple Present Tense it can be proven from the results of the analysis. The result shows that the t- observation is higher than t- table. B. Suggestion Here, the writer would like to give suggestion for teacher: First, CTL can improve Students’ score in learning the simple present tense that’s why CTL could be implemented in teaching the simple present tense in the next term of academic year. Furthermore, When the teachers find that the materials are possible to be transferred by the CTL approach then they should be better use it because CTL makes the students involved in getting the understanding of the material taught. So the teacher should consider this approach in conducting the material to the students. Second, in teaching the simple present tense by using CTL the teacher should give more motivation to students in the classroom in order 42 43 they would be more active in the classroom and of course they get the better score in learning the simple present tense.

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