4 Sep 2012

Contoh Teks Annnouncement dan Kunci Jawaban


Because of the high demand for electrical power due to the extremely cold weather, the city is facing a serious powe shortage. We are asking residents to help us avoid this situation. Please reduce your power consumption as much possible. Lower household heat to sixty degrees. Turn off all unnecessary appliances. Postpone energy-consuming task such as doing laundry.

16.  The announcement is about....
A.      A serious power shortage in the city
B.      The high demand for electrical power
C.      The extremly cold weather in the city
D.     The need to turn off all unncecessary appliances
E.      The demand to postpone energy-consuming tasks 

17.  The announcement is addressed to
A.      The residents of the city
B.      The companies in the city
C.      The rich people in the city
D. The officials that work in the city
E.      The employees of the electricity company   

Kunci Jawaban:
  1. D
  2. A

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