Download Master S2 Theses Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris PDF (LESSON PLAN)

Download Master S2 Theses Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris PDF (LESSON PLAN)

Judul Theses

This study aims to investigate how English teachers develop and implement lesson plans, and what teachers consider as obstacles during lesson planning. The study employed a case study design conducted in a senior high school in Cianjur, West Java. The study involved an English teacher with ten years of teaching experience. All data were gathered from several sources, including a sketchy-lesson plan for a curriculum cycle, scripted-lesson plans, eight weeks non-participant classroom observations and semi-structured interview upon the completion of teaching-learning activities. The study revealed three findings. First, as the result of document analysis revealed, the teacher developed two kinds of lesson plan: the sketchy-lesson plan and scripted-lesson plan. The former was developed prior to its implementation as the proposal of teaching-learning activities. The later was developed upon the teaching completion to record what the teacher had successfully performed in the classroom to inform subsequent classes. Secondly, the classroom observations revealed that despite the fact that the teacher did not use any lesson plan as navigator during its implementation, the teacher showed her expertise in delivering the instructional events and helping students to undergo learning experiences. In addition, the teacher reliance on the textbook during the teaching-learning activities and deviation from lesson plans emerged as her self-conviction that lesson plans were merely to fulfill the administration requirement. Last but not least, as the interview data indicated, the teacher faced fundamental problem in lesson planning including the difficulties to state the objectives, to select suitable content, to develop activities and assignment relevant to knowledge, skill and attitude, and to create an appropriate evaluation. The findings above suggest that the teacher needs more enhancement and guidance in developing lesson plans. Key words: scripted-lesson plan, sketchy-lesson plan, lesson plan implementation

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