13 May 2013

Discussion on The Trailfrom the Perspective of Christianism Theology

Discussion on The Trailfrom the Perspective of Christianism Theology 

Kafka is a writer of strong religious complex. In The Trail, he illustrates his religious thoughts by probing into the alienation of modern human beings from the God and also shows his pursuit and befuddlement of beliefs. This paper analyzes the crimes and punishment in The Trail through three parts, the accusation of crime, the understanding of crime and the pleading of crime.

Keywords: Kafka, The Trail, Christianism

Kafka is a representative writer among writers of modern western novels. His long novel, The Trail, was called “the greatest works” by Brod, the editor of Kafka’s works.

The Trail tells the story of Joseph K., who was accused of a crime he did not commit and was sentenced to death. If we judge this novel from mundane perspective, there is no way to explain why Joseph L. was accused of crime while being innocent. It seems that the story was absurd. However, if we understand this novel based on the theology thoughts of Christianism, the process lasting from K.’s being accused to K.’s pleading of crime shows the author’s disquiet and thoughts about the living state, the absence of belief and the redemption of souls of modern human beings.

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