13 May 2013

Higher Agricultural Universities Serve for “Sannong”by Offering English Human Resources Support System

Higher Agricultural Universities Serve for “Sannong”by  Offering English Human Resources Support System

This paper puts higher agricultural English education how to serve for “Sannong” construction as priority, combining the actual market demand, based on teaching reform in the past few years, tries to explore English nurturing model and curriculum system for real delivery the agriculture-related qualified foreign language professionals. The purpose is to improve agriculture-related quality of personnel, expand the Sannong development as well as to reform the Agricultural Universities English subject training objectives, and explore new ways in the solutions on Sannong issues.

Keywords: Sannong, Specialized English, Curriculum System

As we all know that English is the main language of international relations, and is the working language in the United Nations, major international organizations as well as various international academic units. Most of the world’s science and technology information is recorded in English. As China’s reform and opening up continually deepen the development of inter-cultural exchanges and rapidly expand the scope. Especially after joining the WTO, with the rapid development of economic globalization, China’s increasing openness of the international, and information industries to gradually push forward all aspects of life and society. Therefore, the demand for foreign language professionals will be more urgent, the demand for English increased significantly, and the quality of talent on the diversified demands. All of this creates social environment to English-speaking professionals and the basis of social needs, but also to the English professional development provided a good opportunity. In recent years various training institutions, private schools and even foreign universities all enter China, and it is a good trend for domestic foreign language rapid development to improve the level of English language education. Therefore,English diversity education and research is essential.

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