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16 Feb 2013

An Analysis on How to Improve University Students’Hearing Ability of English

An Analysis on How to Improve University Students’Hearing Ability of English
(Free ELT Journal)

Hearing ability is very important in communication. Most Chinese students feel hard to improve their listening ability when studying English because there is no language environment. In fact, the right way of practice is very useful for students to improve their hearing ability. In this article, some advice is brought up and they might be helpful to the students.

Keywords: Hearing ability, Self-confidence, Practice 
In studying English, most Chinese students feel hard in improving their hearing ability. Hearing is very important in communicating with others. According to the study by American professor, Paul.Rankin, hearing covers 45%in people’s everyday communication, speaking 30%, reading 16% and writing only 9%. In the five respects of learning English, hearing, speaking, reading, writing and translating, which represent university students’ general ability of English, hearing is the most important. However, hearing is usually the weakest point for most Chinese students because of less and unsuitable practice.How to improve students’ English hearing ability effectively? In my experience, the following should be useful.

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