13 Aug 2011

Peaces of My Life

Peaces about my life:

                 1.    Mistaken One
Oh Lord verily U always know everything, which makes my tears drop cos of scare and makes me believe that there is fairness in my life as well. Up to now I still can breathe, which means I still can repent.
Oh God, guide me to the straight away! I know I'm always mistaken. What I'd done was unbelievable, but I did. My eyes are always tearing by remembering what I've done.
 Forgive me! Forgive me!
 I can do nothing without Your help. I'm nothing without You. U always reminds me, but I'm rebellious. I do want to promise not to do it any more; I'm too scared to do it. I'm scared if I will do it again. Please guide me to the straight away! I don't know what to do.    ~_~

2.    Difficult to Forget
Surprise! I don’t know why I still remember all those things. My heart feels u don't even have strong
love to him. I don't know whether or not it's just my unreasonable feeling.
Love is natural. Love needs time to develop. I don't hope u to have the feeling for me. Oh no. It's so difficult for me that I cant say any word just to say "u lie to yourself."
Smile for u forever. This love exists cos of Him. Let me stare u behind the sky, let me help u under the sea, and let me love u under His straight away.
Oh God, I submit to U. U are the All-Knower of everything, and u have power over all things. Let this love exist if it's the best. Whereas, let this love gone if it's your decision.

3.    My Repentance to You God
Oh Lord I am scared of all these things, but I know I have to pass them all. I have to defeat them if I want to get them. None knows what happen the next second, You only. I must be able for the sake of my father. I decide, and then the result comes to me. I know I am a sinner. I need your guidance. ~_~
 God please help me out of all those sins. I want to leave them all. I am worried about my future. None can help me if I don't help myself, yeah that's the destiny. Nevertheless, You only can help me.
God.... please give me the power and the way to use it, the power that I'll use to leave these sins. My tears can't help me. Today me tears drop because of remembering all of my sins, but tomorrow I do the sins again. How sinful I am! How hypocritical I am!
God... God... God... Please help me! ~_~ I broke my daddy's advice.... oh np... no...
I want to be cleaned of these sins. Then I want to reach my dreams. I cannot reach my dreams if these sins still follow me. I cannot see my family crying because of me. I want to see them all to smile either in their life or after life (hereafter). 
God please give me power to continue my dreams. You are the All-Knower of everything.  Give me what I need.
I SUBMIT TO YOU GOD. I LOVE YOU. ^_^ I smile in my sadness cos I know THERE IS JUSTICE IN THIS LIFE.

 1) Verily: sesungguhnya
 2) Rebellious: suka melawan/menentang/memberontak (durhaka)
 3) Repent: Bertaubat
 4) Guide me to the straight away: tunjukilah aku ke jalan yang lurus
 5) Unreasonable feeling: perasangka tak beralasan
 6) Lie: berbohong
 7) Stare: memandangmu
 8) Submit: berserah diri
 9) Repentance: taubat
10) Sinner: orang yang berdosa
11) Sin: dosa
12) Guidance: petunjuk
13) Destiny: takdir
14) Sinful: penuh dosa
15) Hypocritical: munafik
16) Hereafter: akhirat
17) The All-Knower of everything: Maha mengetahui
18) Justice: keadilan

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