9 Jun 2011

Traffic Jam in Makassar

Talking about traffic jam makes my face look upset. Why? Because I hate being trapped in traffic jam, and so does everyone. My friends and I always come late to get campus just because of traffic jam.
Sometimes traffic jam becomes so heavy that I cannot get my campus punctually even though I have already scheduled my daily activities well.
I need more or less twenty minutes to get my campus, so I always go to my campus thirty minutes before the exact time which the class starts.
I am considering moving to a boarding house close to my campus. I want to spend more time doing the thing I really enjoy doing in my free time instead of being trapped in traffic jam.
Nevertheless, I don’t want to give up my present boarding house. I wish the government would solve traffic jam issue immediately.
As my experiences being trapped in traffic jam, there are many causes of traffic jam in Makassar, the city where I am living now. They are public vehicles (called ‘pete-pete’) that exceed the limits and are careless, ‘bemor or becak’ that moves too slowly, broken roads, demonstration of students, an accident, vehicles that are parked in the side of the roads, flood, and police who are checking the driving license.
 Among them the most problem making traffic jam is public vehicles or ‘pete-pete.’ The number of ‘pete-pete’ in Makassar already exceeds the demand.
I always become upset when they, the drivers of ‘pete-pete,’ move suddenly to the side of the road to pick passenger up. I, who is behind them, am surprised and have to stop on the brakes suddenly too. It’s of course very dangerous; I may hit them.
If I had power or authority, I would convert ‘pete-pete’ into buses like in Surabaya. Additionally, I would forbid trucks, which make traffic jam, to use the main roads at the busy time.

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