23 Jun 2011

Politics and PKN (Civic Education in My Eyes)

Politics and PKN (Civic Education in My Eyes)

Actually what is politics? Is politics the same as Civic Education? Is the education of politics contained in Civic Education (PKN)? Does Civic Education Subject play the rules, the rules that from which we can learn what politics is and how to be a politician? Is politics about how to have a strategy? Is politics meant how to get power or authority? Does politics mean to deceive someone? 

There are many definitions about ‘politics’ in my point of view. Since I was a child I think that politics is just about civics (but not values of Pancasila).  I hate politics because I think it’s just about how to deceive someone to have authority. In the other hand, I know that politics is a science from which the system of governance is described. Politics is only about governance. Politics always talks about the People's Consultative Assembly (MPR), the People's Representative Council (DPR), the People's Representative Council (DPR), etc. 

I always assume that PKN contains politics. Even sometimes in my mind PKN is the same as politics. PKN is a subject from which we can learn how to be a politician. I do not like to talk about politics. While listening to the radio, reading newspaper, watching television, browsing internet, I do not like to search news about politics. Why? Because I believe that I will just get some bad information. It is just always about corruption, collusion, nepotism, bad competition to get an authority, etc.

As a result, not only in school but also in college my grades for PKN are always low. When I was school, I sometimes got some statements that were not the same as my opinions. It was likely I could not just accepted the ideas. I had different ideas, but my ideas could not be accepted. They were assumed wrong. In my brain, I always think that ‘I have rights to give opinions,’ and you cannot say that my opinions are wrong.’ One of my characters is that I do not like to memorize people’s statements.

I do not know when this stereotype will become better. I believe that I cannot make good governance if I hate politics. Knowing about politics is a way to participate actively in our own governance. I hope someday I will have a better view of ‘politics.’ Also I wish to be a good politician. Aaaaamiiinn!!!

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