19 Jun 2011

Football or Futsal Is My Favorite Sport

Football or Futsal Is My Favorite Sport

Do you love football? Yes, I guess. The most popular sport is football; none can deny. Most people love watching football as well as playing it. 
The question is ‘’Why do I like football?”  Everyone has their own reasons why they enjoy football. From my point of view football is both for health and entertainment. By playing football I can express my obsession; it’s likely I am free of everything. I have no any stress while I am playing the ball. All of my concentration focuses on the ball. 
Playing football with friends, of course, can make hard solidarity. We learn how to share with other people. We try to bury our egoism. You cannot win if you play only by yourself. You need your friends, your teammates to cooperate. 
My friends and I always play futsal. During we are in college, we have participated in two tournaments. First we participate in football cup, and the second futsal cup. All of the tournaments were just specially for the student of teaching science faculty. 
We, English Education students, got the third place in the football cup after defeating Mathematics Education students, and became the first winner in the futsal cup also after defeating the students of Mathematics Education.

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