19 Jun 2011

Being Unmotivated

Being Unmotivated

None wants to be unmotivated. Everyone tries to avoid it. Being unmotivated makes you feel bored. You can do nothing. You will just stay on your place and think unwell. It’s likely we are under stress. You have no idea to move.

I, a talkative person, also always feel unmotivated. When I am unmotivated, I cannot do anything. I look like an idiot one. I think nothing, just daydream, daydream, and daydream. Sometimes I cry while I am being unmotivated. I always ask myself “why? Why? And why it happens?

I hate being unmotivated. I always try to make myself always spirit. I do not want to become its slavery. I want to move. I cannot just stand in my place doing nothing, and then hoping my dreams become true.

Many things make me unmotivated. I, however, do not know exactly what they are. The first thing that I always blame is about having a girlfriend. I always think that I feel unmotivated because I don’t have a girlfriend. Nevertheless, when I have a girlfriend, I still feel unmotivated. Now, I realize that I become unmotivated not because I have no girlfriend but because of something else. I now have promised not to have a girlfriend till the end of my life, but rather on having a wife(s).

I have goals to reach. I cannot become unmotivated if I want to reach my goals. I have many ways to solve this problem, to make me get my spirit back. I sometimes read rhetoric books, motivational books, and wise man words. Also sometimes I just go out to find any good place for me to enjoy.

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