10 Mar 2011

Love Story

Talking about 'love story' is not a good thing for me specially. A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I broke up. Yeah, she was honest to me that actually she had already had another guy as her boyfriend, and they had become a couple since senior high school. Hearing what she said made me say nothing.

At that time I didn’t feel so hurt, I just said that I would admit and follow all of her decisions. However, few weeks later I started to feel lonely, lonely, and lonelier. Actually before all of these things as well as my relation with her, I had already said 'love' to another girl, but the girl was so indifferent to me. She asked for two days later to give response. However, two days later I didn't meet her cos of rain.
Therefore, she asked for two days once more (one day or two days) to give me response. Two days later she had been already to give her response, but at that time my heart was already hurt, so I didn’t meet her. Also, my stomach ached. However, she didn't want to know about my reasons. She was angry with me and of course so was I. Cos of all of these things I tried to find another girl to be my girlfriend and yeah just two days I had already had another one, and the girl is who broke me up a few weeks ago.

Knowing about all of these things made her try to be honest to me. She said that she loved me actually. At that time I didn’t know what to say. Additionally, she said that she asked for two days and two days more just to test me if I really loved her or not. However, cos I was not patient to wait her, I failed to get her and surely up to know. I just said that I would break my girl friend, but she still didn't want. In other word, she was not going to accept me anyway. After breaking with my girlfriend up, she still didn't want to become my girlfriend. She just said that she had treated me as her brother, no more. It made me feel hurt.

Now, in my head I am just thinking that maybe it's the best for me, and it's time for me to forget them anyway even though I still have the feeling.

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