2 Jan 2011

My dream and, or plannings

Everyone has their own dreams, but most of them just dream not to make it true.
Every one has short and long plans.
How about me? Yes, i Do. I have short and long plans to make true too.
Actually, I already made a list about my short plans when i was in the second semester, but most of them have not become true yet.
My short plans:
1. Mastering a book of Azhar Arsyad "your basic vocabulary"
2. To get scholarship (faculty, campus, international)
3. Have a job (to be a tutor either outside campus or inside campus (PIKIH))

-The point one, Alhamdulillah i made it true when I was still in the second semester.
-The second point, Not Yet. Actually as I know we can get a scholarship inside campus or outside campus (from our hometown). Inside campus up to now I don't get the information, also in faculty. Actually, I got information about an international scholarship, IELSP. But after opening this site, directly, I felt down. I didn't what to do-so many requirements-I didn't know whom to ask. It made me disappointed. But I realize that all is my fault. I didn't try it hard, I didn’t undertake hard.
-The third point, not yet, still in process. I have already sent an application to one institution. Even though I just gave transkrip nilai untuk semester satuku, karena sampai sekarang nilai untuk semester 2 semuanya belum keluar, aku juga gak tahu kenapa dosennya lebih milih nunda-nunda untuk membagikan nilai kami. Mungkin mereka terlalu sibuk dengan urusan uyang lain. Ntahlah ????

How about my long plans? I have dreams to go abroad, to improve my English skill, to continue my study, but WILL IT BECOME TRUE? I realize that up to now I don’t learn hard yet. It's still so hard for me to motivate myself to learn English so much. I always feel down if I remember my dream -to go abroad- but I always worry that is not going to become true.

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