2 Jan 2011

Grammarian or Fluent Speaker?

Today, I got some information about the function of learning grammar. Is it important to know? oh ya mulai sekarang Insya Allah aku berniat untuk menulis menggunakan bahasa Inggris, itung-itung sebagai wadah meningkatkan my English skill.

I realize that since I'm in the third semester; I prefer to learn grammar. Every day I learn grammar so much, and you know what the fruit is. I'm good at grammar lesson, BUT you know my speaking is getting worst. I feel so worried when I talk to the others. I always think that if I will be mistaken.

I have a meeting club, namely, NGC (New Generation Club). We usually have two meetings-for sharing English- in a week. I can get many experiences from those meetings. We usually learn about grammar at first and then try to make a debate-a section to improve our speaking skill-.

However, every time we take a debate I can't speak, I don’t know what to say, I don't have a idea at all to tell. Moreover, my confidence is always down; I am so afraid that I will be mistaken in grammar.
Today, after knowing that the people who always use English, actually, they don't know about grammar so much. Therefore, I decide that I will decrease my time to learn about grammar. Whereas, I prefer to learn how to be a fluent speaker.

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