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27 June 2013

Belajar Listening TOEFL 6

Tips Menjawab Soal Listening TOEFL Skill 6

Skill 6: Listen for Who And What in Passives (Perhatikan Siapa dan Apa dalam kalimat pasif)

Ketika dalam satu kalimat terdapat lebih dari satu kata benda (noun) dalam sesi Litening Part A, umumnya akan membingungkan siapa (kata benda mana) yang melakukan apa.


On the recording, you hear:

(man)      : Do you know who is in the band now?
(woman) : I heard that Mara replaced Robert in the band.
(narrator): What does the woman say about the band?

In your test book, you read:

(A)  Robert became a new member of the band
(B)  Robert took Mara's place in the band.
(C) Mara didn't have a place in the band.
(D) Mara took Robert's place in the band.

Pada respon / jawaban si pembicara perempuan terhadap pertanyaan si pembicara laki-laki, perempuan itu membicarakan tentang dua orang (Mara dan Robert), dan ke dua subjek ini bisa saja akan menjadi hal yang membingungkan terhadap jawaban. Karena Mara replaced Robert (Mara menggantikan posisi Robert), ini berarti Mara sekarang yang ada di band dan Robert tidak lagi. Olehnya jawaban paling tepat yaitu jawaban D.

Perhatikan chart di bawah ini:
When there are multiple nouns in a sentence, it is common for the answers to confuse which noun does what.

EXERCISE 4: In this exercise, underline the confusing nouns in each short conversation. Then, read the question and choose the best answer to that question. Remember to think very carefully about who is doing what. (Perhatikan terkait siapa yang melakukan apa)

(man) Why is Bill not at work this week?
(woman) His doctor made him take a week off
(narrator) What does the woman mean?

(A) The doctor decided to take some time off
(B) The doctor told Bill he wasn't too weak to work
(C) Bill was mad when the doctor took some time off
(D) Bill took a vacation on his doctor's orders

(man) Why is Paul going back home this summer?
(woman) He's returning to Vermont for his sister's wedding
(narrator) What does the woman mean?

(A) Paul is getting married this summer
(B) Paul's sister is returning from Vermont to get married
(C) Paul will be there when sister gets married this summer
(D) Paul's sister is coming to his wedding in Vermont

(man) Did you hear that John's uncle died?
(woman) Yes, and John was named beneficiary in his uncle's will 
(narrator) What does the woman mean?

(A) John received an inheritance when his uncle died
(B) It's a benefit that John's name is the same as his uncle's 
(C) John knows that his will come to the benefit
(D) John's uncle gave him a beneficial name

TOEFL EXERCISE 5: In this exercise, listen carefully to the short conversation and questions on the tape, and then choose the best answer to the questions. You should be particularly careful of who is doing what. (Perhatikan terkait siapa yang melakukan apa)
Click the audio below for the listening recording (the audio)
1.(A) The passenger waited at the corner
   (B) The passenger looked for a taxi at the corner
   (C) The cab driver waited for the passenger
   (D) The passenger cornered the waiting taxi driver
2. (A) It was hard for her to hear Jane last night
    (B) Jane gave a hard recital last night
    (C) Jane was playing hard while she was hurt
    (D) She played the harp last night for Jane
3. (A) The baby sister went to bed quite early
    (B) The children were forced to go to bed early
    (C) The baby-sitter made the bed after the children got up
    (D) The baby-sitter did not stay up late
4. (A) The man taught his son about football
    (B) The boy is receiving the ball from his dad
    (C) The ball is being tossed into the air by the boy
    (D) The man is playing with the ball in the sun
5. (A) The students were told to go listen to the speaker 
    (B) The professor attended that evening's lecture
    (C) The students were given directions to the lecture
    (D) The professor was directed to the lecture hall
6. (A) The manager went to the supply room
    (B) The clerk set supplies on the floor
    (C) The clerk went to the supply room at the manager's request
    (D) The clerk backed into the manager in the supply room
7. (A) The Librarian was quite reserved with the students for two days
    (B) Within two days the librarian had the books for the students
    (C) The librarian asked the students for the books
    (D) The students out the books on hold for two days
8. (A) The chairman decided that Tony would serve on the board for another year
    (B) The chairman elected the board
    (C) The board decided Tony could be chairman after one year
    (D) Tony became chairman for one more year
9. (A) The judge defended the murderer
    (B)  The judge tried to protect the defendant from the murderer
    (C) The judge said that the defendant was a criminal
    (D) The defense couldn't make a judgment about the criminal
10. (A) The woman should announce the names of the committee members
      (B) He is thankful to be appointed to the committee
      (C) He is sure about the time of the appointment with the committee
      (D) The woman will serve on the committee

Lihat script percakapan dan kunci jawaban di sini.   

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