16 Feb 2013

Net-Based Learner Autonomy, Its Problems and Possible Solutions-A Case Study

Net-Based Learner Autonomy, Its Problems and Possible Solutions-A Case Study in WAHU, China (Free ELT Journal)
The paper presents a study investigating the net-based learner autonomy of the first-year non-English major students studying in West Anhui University (WAHU). Through questionnaires and interviews, the study shows the problems in learner autonomy and presents a new perspective for the development of an auto-learning environment. The study reveals that students had difficulty adapting to net-based learning mode. Some proposals that the college, teachers and students could unite to tackle the problems in learning have been put forth as the solutions to the problems.

Keywords: Net-based learning, Learning autonomy, College English

1. Introduction 
College English Teaching Curriculum Requirements (For Trial Implementation)was issued by the Higher Education Bureau of the Ministry of Education of China in January 2004. It confirms the net-based, multimedia-aided teaching and learning mode and requires that all universities and institutions widely apply advanced information technology and promote computer and net-based English teaching and learning in order to provide the students with a superior language learning environment. Further, it clearly points out that all higher learning institutions should make full use of multimedia and network technology, adopt new teaching patterns to improve the monotonous, teacher-centered class teaching mode, and that the new mode should be based on modern information technology- especially the network technology to make English teaching and learning free from the limitations of time and space - and develop towards autonomous learning. This shows that a net-based English teaching and learning mode elongates the time and extends the space in the process and thus creates a more fertile environment for autonomous learning, which in turn lays the foundation for students to cultivate their language skills.

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