9 Oct 2012

Meeting 4: Giving Opinions

Traffic Congestion

A: Hello
A: What do you think of Makassar?
B: Makassar is a big city.
A: Yes, many offices, department stores and other big buildings ______ (build) in Makassar.
B: Jakarta is very crowded.
A: You’re right. I _____ always (trap) in traffic congestion on my way to office.
B: Actually, the government has taken some policies to overcome this problem.
A: What do you mean?
B: Some flyovers _______ (have/construct) and roads _____ (widen).
A: But they don’t seem to overcome the traffic problem.
B: Yes, they aren’t enough.
A: Why? I think there are many cars and other vehicles in Makassar.
B: I agree with you. Then what do you think will be best solution to deal with this issue?
A: I think …. / In my opinion…. / In my point of view …. (ANSWER THE QUESTION)

Translate into English. Pay attention to the use of Passive Voice.
  • Pasien yang sakit itu sedang dioperasi oleh dokter bedah.
  • Pasien dikunjungi setiap hari oleh keluarga mereka.
  • Makanan bernutrisi harus dimakan oleh pasien yang sakit.
  • Transfusi darah dibutuhkan oleh pasien yang koma itu.
  • Kamu dilarang merokok di sini.
  • Kamu akan diberikan obat oleh apoteker.
  • Pak David telah disuntikkan antibiotik.
  • Dian sedang diperiksa oleh dokter gigi.
  • Maaf, Anda tidak diijinkan masuk ke dalam ruang UGD.
         in my view,
          to my mind, 
          it seems to me
          my impresion is 

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