17 Jun 2012

Contoh Teks Recount beserta soal dan jawaban

Recount Text

In the last holiday, my family decided to go to Bali. My father told us that we would stay in Bali for one week. My sister and I felt very happy, I said: "Hooray, we went to Bali, we could see beautiful panoramas in Bali and saw the dolphins." 

During the trip, we sang together and gave many jokes to each other. Besides of that, we also saw many beautiful panoramas. After 8 hours, we arrived at Bali and we stayed in the cottage. This cottage is near the sea. Then my mother put our things and we played monopoly together until night (12.00 o’clock). Because this cottage is near the sea, my father said to us: "Tomorrow, we wanted to go to the sea and saw the dolphins so you must wake up earlier."

The next day, I woke up at 4 o'clock and took a bath. My father rented a boat and at 5 o'clock, we went to the sea and saw many dolphins. They were very, very beautiful. After that we came back to the cottage and ate the fried rice for breakfast. Then I went to the next place.  The next place was Tanjung Benoa. At that place, we played many games like jet boat, jet ski, banana boat, and other games. I was very happy. After 3 hours, we went back to the cottage to take a rest. At night, we ate at a big restaurant in Bali. We ate a lot of foods like Bali satay, fried rice, and many more. At 9.00 o'clock at night, we went back to the cottage and slept.

In the evening, we went back to the cottage and took a rest and my father said to us that tomorrow, we wanted to go to Lombok. So my mother, my sister, and I prepared the things and slept. Then the next day, we went to Lombok and stayed in a big hotel. There was a big swimming pool in that hotel. When we arrived at that hotel, my father, my sister, and I swam in the swimming pool. We swam during the day until evening. We felt very happy.

The fifth day, we went to Waterboom. After 1 hour, we arrived at Waterboom. We changed clothes and swam. There were a lot of games at Waterboom. I tried each of the games. I felt very happy and very happy. We swam until the Waterboom closed. Then we ate fried corn and ate dinner in the restaurant. At 9.00 o'clock at night, we went back to the hotel and slept.

The last day, my family and I prepared to go home and at Sunday we went home. But before we went home, we bought a lot of souvenirs and snacks. We wanted to give to all of our cousins. We felt very happy even though we were very tired. We arrived at home at 1.00 o'clock at night. After that, I brushed my teeth and prayed to God and thanked God for His blessing because we could arrive at Bali safely and went home safely too. Tomorrow, my mother, my sister, and I went to my grandmother's house and told to my grandmother and my grandfather about my experiences in Bali. Then I gave the souvenirs to my grandmother and my grandfather, my cousins, and to all my family. I felt very happy because that was the first time I went to Bali with my family.
(Adapted from d4vincut3.blogspot.com)
Dengan aman
Berkat, nikmat

1. How long did the writer in Bali?
Answer key: the writer was one week in Bali.
2. How many members of the author’s family went to Bali?
Answer key: there were four members (sister, mother, and father) going to Bali.
3. How many hours did the trip take to Bali from author’s place?
Answer key: the trip took eight hours.
4. Where did the author and his family stay when arriving in Bali for the first time?
Answer key: They stayed in the cottage.
5. Where did they play jet boat, jet ski, and banana boat?
Answer key: they played jet boat, jet ski, and banana boat in Tanjung Benoa.
6. Based on the text, it is implied that
Answer key: the place where the author lives is not so far because the trip only takes 8 hours.
7. What is the best title for the text?
Answer key: the author’s nice trip to Bali for the first time.  
8. They were very, very beautiful.
Pronoun ‘they’ in line 10 refers to….
Answer key: the word ‘they’ refers to the sea and dolphins.
9. We arrived at Bali and we stayed in the cottage.
What is the meaning of the ‘cottage’?
Answer key: the ‘cottage’ is a small house.
10. We could arrive at Bali safely and….
The underlined word is closest in meaning to
Answer key: the word ‘safely, means ‘all right.’

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